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What qualifies you to work in this field?

We take a scientific approach to our EMF protection products.  After all, electromagnetic radiation is a scientific thing and is governed by the laws of physics.  Our products were developed by a combination of 5 engineering degrees spread out over 3 mechanical engineers, and our lead engineer has since gotten a Master’s degree in BioMedical Engineering.

We have been at this for almost a decade, and our HARApad line of products were the very first EMF protection devices on the market.  We have not expanded on those products to offer additional protection to those who want and need it.  Over the years we have connected and partnered with other professionals in our industry and work together to deliver the best in electromagnetic radiation protection.

How do your products work?

Our EMF protection devices keep you safe from electromagnetic radiation in the same way that a ground circuit in a house keeps you safe from electricity.  Basically they work by redirecting / rerouting the radiation through the products themselves rather than allowing it to freely radiate through the air and be exposed to your body.

Inside of our products there are 2-3 different materials that we have perfected over the years and represent the optimal type and combination of EMF shielding.  These materials are very different because electronic devices often emit multiple different types of EMF / EMR.

One of the materials is designed to absorb the higher-frequency fields such as WIFI / radio frequency (RF) radiation.  Another material is a highly conductive metallic alloy that acts as a path of least resistance to redirect the radiation away from your body.

Why do your products work better than others?

Our products work so well because they act as a physical shield between your body and the electronic device emitting the radiation.  With the science and physics involved in EMF protection, this physical shield is required, and testing proves that it must be approximately as large as the electronic device.

It is exactly like wearing a lead vest when getting an x-ray.  The lead vest is placed on your body, between you and the x-ray machine.  For maximum EMF protection, the vest is as large as possible without interfering with the anatomy that is being x-rayed.

The x-ray radiation is different than the EMF emitted by consumer electronics, and the shielding materials we use are different than lead.  However the same exact shielding physics apply; there are specific materials acting as a shield between your body and the device that the radiation cannot pass through.

How are your products tested and by whom?

Our EMF protection products use military-grade EMF shielding materials that we further process for increased effectiveness.  Our products are tested by ourselves, mechanical and biomedical engineers, and every single one of our more than 20 partners / resellers, along with industry leaders and professionals.

On a daily basis we help our customers do their own testing of our products, as well as other aspects of their lives where EMF protection can keep them healthier and safer.


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