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Custom Laptop Screen Shield


  • Custom product designed to fit your exact screen
  • Increased EMF protection for electrosensitivity
  • Includes grounding cord for best possible results


If you experience the symptoms of electromagnetic sensitivity / electrosensitivity, or otherwise want the ultimate EMF protection, this product is for you.  It should be used in combination with our laptop pads as additional protection, and not as the only EMF protection product.

This is a custom-designed product that will be unique to your specific laptop for the best possible fit and function.  We will need to work with you after purchasing to take a few measurements of your laptop screen so that we can get the design right for you.

This is the only custom-designed EMF protection device on the market, and we can design it to cover up your built-in webcam if you want guaranteed privacy.  Or we can keep that area clear so your webcam is still usable with this product.  It simply hangs over the back of your laptop screen and does not require any other installation.  For best results, it includes a grounded plug that attaches to the device as shown and plugs into any grounded outlet.  This safely grounds the device to allow the energy to flow back to the Earth instead of into your body.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 15 × 12 × 1 in